Landing page for the launch of Webflow Ecommerce, originally intended to be a video, but adapted to a landing page format as to better showcase the product we were selling by using the product itself.


Brand System


Design + Animation + Build


Web Design



Iterated on the hero design over 36 times, before landing on the final layout.

Animated intro to the page.

All site copy credit to John Moore Williams.

First section of the page, animation speaking to the design flexibility of product grids.

Second section of the page highlights further design and animation power of Webflow.

Third section transitions naturally in to the fourth and fifth, speaking to the flexibility of the shopping cart, responsive design, and running campaigns.

Some fan favorite microinteractions.

Ending CTA, driving even more excited new customers to sign up for the beta on the day of release than we had hoped for in the first 30 days.